Rob Joyce - Director of National Security Agency (NSA) + Former Head of Tailored Access Operations (TAO) + Former White House Advisor

Chetan Nayak - Brute Ratel C4 Author + Former Detection Engineer at Crowdstrike

John Hammond - Youtube Creator + Principal Security Researcher At Huntress

Stephan Berger - Head of Investigations at InfoGuard

Mattnotmax - Senior Threat Detection Engineer at Crowdstrike + Creator of CyberChef for Security Analysts

Kyle Cucci - Threat Researcher at Proofpoint and Author of "Evasive Malware"

Chad Tilbury - Former Mandiant DFIR and Author of SANS FOR500/FOR508.

Tony Lambert - Senior Malware Analyst at Red Canary

Jamie Williams - Enterprise Lead at MITREAtt&ck

Kyle Hanslovan - CEO at Huntress Labs

Jamie Levy - Director of R&D at Huntress - Creator of Volatility Framework

Greg Lesnewich - Threat Researcher at ProofPoint

Jiri Vinopal (@vinopaljiri) - Threat Researcher at CheckPoint